Calgary Parks Winter Wonderland

My husband and I enjoying a walk in Nose hill with our “boys” Rocky & Julio.


Calgary can be freakin’ cold in the winter, but can also almost equally be unseasonally warm due to the Chinooks. For this reason, Calgarians come out to play…wayyyy more than you think, well I know this cause I see them walking the same summer parks…dressed for it and enjoying every step. I cannot explain how the light changes in Calgary in the winter…way less light for sure, but it is rich and golden…the atmosphere is thick with a glow. The sunrises and sunsets in the winter are so dramatic with rich, deep colours. The mountains being white in the distance and crystal clear in the cool air. Driving westward with glances of Mountain Peaks seemingly just a minute away…never gets old for me…never. I always remember how lucky I am to live right beside the glorious Canadian Rockies.

My bro and I enjoying a break at Barrier Lake off the #40 after a great day skiing at Nakiska.

The highways through Calgary’s Mountain Parks are amazing! The highway through Kananaskis #40 from Morley to Longview in the south connecting to the famous, historic “Cowboy Trail” The mountain vistas are stunning and the mountains hug the highway, never mind driving alongside the Kananaskis Country Mountain Valley known as the “Grizzly Bear Highway” it is so lush with tress and waterfalls, tons of streams and rivers.  Followed by low sandy gulfs, rocky outcrops and foothills as you exit south. 3 hours of pure heaven…45 minutes from Calgary!


Jasper Highway from Lake Louise a four hour spiritual wonder of mountain beauty like no where…no where…else…on…this… planet.




Basically the mountains play a role in Calgary more so in winter than summer cause you can see the mountains more clearly. Heat of the summer sun in Calgary will almost always create a steamy effect and it shrouds a clear, sharp view of the mountains in the warmer months here. On a cool, brisk, blue bird winter day…the mountains just pop!  Glowing white, silvery peaks against the deep azure blue skies…and we get lots of those days during Calgary winters, lots of warm sunny days.   I will say to my daughter over and over…”Look Kate! The mountains seem like you can touch them!…to which she sighs…”yes mom…I see…”


Anyway back to Calgary in the winter. Lots to do, especially winter sports like skating and skiing. COP is an amazing place to learn how to ski or take the kiddies to get their feet wet. Usually a never before skier can take only a weekend in lessons and have the skills to go ski green trails in the mountain resorts. Skating is everywhere!!! Park trails are cleaned and removed of snow and the parks are a lot less busy to enjoy the sights and sounds.


Get your skates sharpened, skis waxed and get a great snow suit cause you are going to need it!


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