About me…the author and why everyone should love Calgary!

Every morning I get up to go to work…and I think about how lucky I am to live here.  I think about my Great Grandmother who was one of the first 500 in Alberta, and how her parents struggled to get here; homestead, raise cattle, move to the “Fort Calgary” area, to see it become the City of Calgary in 1894.


I do my Sales job, drive around Calgary every day and always reflect on why I love this city.  It has an energy like no other…buzzing, talking, plugging in…modernizing, while finding new cultural outlets all at the same time.

Mostly, I love how all Calgarians always take time to have fun!  Festivals of every culture are now in our city!  Music, Theatres and Art Installations grow every year.  Amazing Restaurants, Clubs and Communities.  Playing outside; Biking, Hiking, Skiing and…anything…anyone…anywhere…could possibly imagine to do for fun outdoors in our glorious Mountain Parks…yet merely minutes from our front doors!

Clean streets, (cleanest in the world I believe), revitalization, renovation and even restoration is now happening every single day…here in Calgary.  Oh yea…It is in Canada!  …as a self proclaimed “Radical Canadian” I gush over my flag, history and foreign policies, not to mention the health care system, gun laws and the educational standards of this great land.  All Canadians overall are tolerant, polite and respectful people.  Sure we still have problems and issues…but pretty small compared to the rest of this planet.  I feel I will never win the lottery, cause I already did when I was born in Canada.

PF_Vintage_Mirror_03022016155707039Now…what makes Canada really cool is Calgary!  This city never ceases to amaze me on how it changes so dramatically year after year.  I hope you like what I have to say about the city…this Blog is about being positive, so while I could lament about Injustices, Awareness and Sadness…I WON’T!…of course…this rule will not include; Sarcasm, Cynicism or General Bitching…strictly for a laugh though…so I will count that as positive!

I will try to keep up with this City and show you what I think is Cool in Calgary.

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