Smugs feels like a Hug.

O20160216_131536K I admit it…I LOVE Salad Bars…the idea of unlimited combinations on one plate drives me wild!  (Chinese Buffets used to…when I could digest it that is…aahhhh back in my twenties!) Smuggler’s Inn on McLeod offers the BEST salad bar in Calgary period!  The bread sticks…well they are no joke, but the…real…reason…we come to “Smugs” for lunch is the STEAK SOUP!!! Ya did I mention I like soup?

Well I do and this is the most beautiful, savory, rich, velvet like Beef20160216_134136 soup like no other…with AAA Prime Rib bits floating throughout the broth..made from the gods…it is simply amazing soup!  The bread sticks with a plate of salad is a meal fit for a king! Available every single day at lunch!


Smuggler’s has always had the reputation for lunch, but their Prime Rib, is the Top Cut in Cowtown…to be sure!  They are the masters at it!  Smuggler’s dark, woodsy wall paneling, fire light and the legendary Henry the 8th, velvet upholstered, nail head, 100 lb throne chairs…make you feel like a king or queen when you sink in the super comfy seat…it just makes the Beef taste that much Beefier.  Love Smugs…great lunch and Sunday night Prime Rib treat!


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