Skiing Revy is a Dream…world class skiing close to Calgary

Revelstoke Mountain ResortDrive 4 1/2 hours due west through the great Canadian Rocky Mountains and you will be skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort from Calgary, Alberta.  Ah Yes…Revy is a Dream…so completely beautiful and vast.  This is the most beautiful mammoth mountain I have every set a ski upon…true bliss.  This resort has sprung out of a Back Country Lodge and the reputation just grew and grew about the perfect, sublime, snow conditions Mount MacKenzie boasts is simply amazing.  It is a beast!  The largest, tallest ski resort North America at 5620 ft, or rather in Canadian; 1713 meters!  It is the only resort where a very long gondola ride is the “lift” to unlimited terrain…topped with a quad to the top of the world…the views are stellar!  We arrived with socked in, cloudy skies at the base of Revy, (aka Revelstoke Mountain Resort), jumped on the gondola and through the clouds we went…to break through to blue bird skies and sunshine!  Such a perfect way to start on this incredible mountain.  I cannot describe the snow…soft light powder…dry and fluffy, and a TON of it!

Revelation Lodge is spectacular, just like it’s views of the Monashee mountain range and valley!

Revy is the only resort to offer: Lift, Cat, Heli and Back Country skiing in one resort.  The Cat Skiing is particularly popular and books up fast.  Cats take you to natural bowls that offer Deep and Steep endless runs.  A quick afternoon powder lesson at Revy will prepare you for these great bowls.  Cannot be missed!

Back Country Skiing offers a 500,000 acres park of natural terrain.  Avalanche Ranch at Revy offers training to prepare for such excursions and offers guided packages as well to those brave, snow fiends.  Did you know there is a back pack air bag that will deploy like an air bag in a car?  If you are caught in an avalanche, it inflates and the idea is to make a gap around you to breathe…so amazingly cool…even though I will NEVER, EVER need one…It’s a liftie life for me.

Free Mountain Tours are offered to those skiing at Blue and above…great way to learn your way around this enormous resort.  If you want to up your game…(I don’t, but Thanks)…you can ride with a pro for a day to push your skills.  I am far too old to push any skills…I just need to keep getting out! Yay Me!


The small town of Revelstoke has all the amenities you will ever need and has come a long way in the last ten years from the old, plain rail town it has been for years.  They have revitalized the town, spent some money and enhanced the neighborhood close to the mountain with larger timber frame homes, and developments.  The mountain village base has a SKI IN/OUT luxury Condominium style Hotel with Day Spa, Cafe and great dining and drinks at the Rockford.  There is also the Tavern that offers local micro brews and pub fare that goes down pretty easy after a hard day on the hill!  Revy is my ski dream!

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