Calgary…please B.I.T.E. me in Inglewood

In Calgary, Inglewood is my fave…cause it is the real deal…original Calgary…old Atlantic Avenue, now 9th!  The Best Calgary Breakfast at Bite is Bliss!!!!  Absolutely delish; Manns local farm eggs prepared in a Breakfast Sandwich or Burrito with some fresh fruit on the side…for $6.49!  Not only do I love the price…I love the number…get it?  Bite is amazing!…part restaurant, part deli, part bakery, part specialty grocery store…and it is all delicious!  Bite resides in the new chic, Atlantic Art Block with an amazing interior dedicated to art.  The building is unique in the fact that it houses the only non commercial, Contemporary Art Gallery in Bite Inglewood Calgary Alberta CanadaCalgary.  The Esker Foundation, (free admission) Contemporary Art Galley…who my Art student daughter claims to be a unique and amazing concept for new artists!…holds three collections a year; Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer!  The building’s retail and office rental revenue pays for the modern art gallery’s 15,000 square fBite Inglewood Calgary Alberta Canadaoot space…not only does this building have an art gallery in it, but it is also an art gallery unto itself.  Each floor boasts a uniquely designed mezzanine that houses art on display from the personal collection of Jim and Susan Hill.  This was the couple of visionaries who proved how business and philanthropy can work together to create cultural innovation in this hip urban community.  Well done in every way…

Bite Inglewood Calgary Alberta Canada Bite Inglewood Calgary Alberta Canada

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