Calgary’s Lunch at the Loaf

Dining in my truck for lunch…cause I arrived at 11:25 and there was not one empty seat in the place! Should take my own advice and arrive earlier for lunch!


Why do I love bread soooooooooo much…why? My waistline certainly does not need it! Bread glorious bread…so many bread options here at the Lazy Loaf and kettle and the sandwiches…!

It’s all about the Chocolate Cake on the lower right and the Chocolate Cheesecake on the left…oh who do I think I am kidding!  It’s about…everything in the case!

Everything on the menu is amazing…the breakie is divine, and the soup quite excellent, but after the meal…the very best is for                                                                                           last…the DESSERTS!

All home made, all amazing!!! Really, really good…and classics. This is the place your Grama will like to come and your kids…basically anyone who loves traditional baking. Make sure you take some of their bread home! This is some of the best bread I have ever had! Every variety…All of them!  Things sell out fast…my faves are usually gone by 2:00…so get here early!  I have been disappointed enough times to say that.  If you are lucky enough to get a seat…don’t miss taking in the art on the walls…it’s all for sale!  If you love art like I do, you would be amazed at some of the pieces for sale…great works for a great price!  Even my college age, art student daughter agrees!  Great pieces can be found here at The Lazy Loaf & Kettle…such a great spot!

20160217_11311620160217_11350320160217_113543 click to enlarge

If I am on the subject of bread…I have to give a bread shout out to Glamorgan Bakery…Cheese Buns.  As my husband and daughter are cheese bun addicts…I have bought every Cheese Bun available in this city…and these are the very best!

20160217_211806 20160217_211822




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