Calgary’s King of Breakfast…yes I mean the Won Ton King!

20160207_123747You would never know by the bland stucco, block building on Edmonton Trail, (least of all advertised as another location of King’s Won Ton soup), that this was an AMAZING breakfast place! remember 30 years ago lining up in the original Barlow location for the amazing soup!…the soup…had to have the soup…elixir of the gods!  This is what real soup tastes like?  Soup like no other…soup I would gage against Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi anyday…and I really, really, like soup!   Standing in line was always amazing to watch the awesome machine, producing, bowl, after bowl, after bowl of perfect soup…perfect…every single time…and deciding if I could actually eat some pork dumplings too…cause oh my…just perfect dumplings…all while someone’s elderly father sat in the corner, quickly and expertly made Won Tons.  I know they were being sold all most as quickly as he could produce them…delicious and delicate every time…people in line paying for their orders ahead, would leave with 20 orders in a moving box, to deliver DT in an office tower some where.  Where an excited group waited for the ultimate lunch treat.  The King’s machine did not stop for hours and hours…just a real great joint, (as my pop would say…hee hee), sure the old truck stop ambiance of the original Barlow Trail location offers it’s own individual charm…but no one goes for the ambiance, the cheap finishes do the job, and besides no one looks up from their bowl to notice anyway! Lol!  The New’ish, (May 2015), Edmonton Trail location shows how much they have learned over the years!  What an amazing transformation at this location.  So lovely inside, perfectly designed and finished…love to know who did the interior design work… It has the same delicious food, now with an incredible breakfast menu. Not eggs and bacon, no…Spolumbo’s sausage with Whole Weat, Banana Pancakes…ya pretty amazing.  My hubby had a meaty, egg scramble and I wanted it too…even though I left some of my own food behind…

Spolumbo Sausage with Whole Wheat Pancakes and eggs over easy…Mango Smoothie…Meaty Breakfast Scramble on Hash Browns.


Barlow Trail offers breakfast and “Western Dishes” as well….but not like this.  King’s on Edmonton trail offers something new…an amazing breakfast served 9-3!  Same smiles and efficiency like at all the King’s but this has a hip industrial interior, nothing like any other of it’s locations.  Everything inside is modern, chique, new & cool…back lit booths, with great finishes and hip vibe without the pretense…or most of all the price!  Twelve bucks buys you an amazing breakfast with a smoothie!  Hard to beat this value!  The food speaks for itself…it actually tastes better than it looks!!!! I Love King’s!  A new breakfast for lunch hangout for me and my hubby!


It would be absolutely irresponsible of me…not to pay respect to the soup created by King’s the masters of the Wor Won Ton bowl…time and time again…perfect every single time.  It is a right of passage in Calgary culinary delights!


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