Crown, is a Jewel in Calgary’s Inglewood



Crown Surplus is probably the only part store, part museum in Calgary…never mind Canada.  Since 1955 this store, (still operated by the same family), have collected and cultivated this amazing Calgary landmark.  They sell Army Surplus, but mostly they sell really, really  nice men’s outdoor apparel, (and some ladies too).  My husband, brother and father all LOVE everything in this store.  The memorabilia is mind blowing  from a Nazi recruitment poster to anti-aircraft artillery guns in the yard and a half track.


A fully equipped Army issued Jeep inside the store, a triumph motorcycle and part of an airplane adorn the space…countless photos, artifacts, uniforms, medals and everything Military is here.


The camping equipment is unbelievable! Backpacks, sleeping bags, canteens and every thing that is cool outdoor gear is available and reasonably priced.  This is the real deal.  Made to last.  These products fit not only a military mind, but an outdoorsman mind. This is where the ultimate Camping, Hiking, Skiing, Fishing accessories are found.


I LOVE it here and there is not one thing I can wear or use, but some how…I still love it all.  Thankfully I have lots of men in my family to shop for and I always find something for them here.  You have to check out this great store…buy your guy something…support this great family, so they can keep the collection growing!


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