Party at the Pig

ENVY is a GREAT local band, with music from the 70’s straight through to current tunes…Great time!

The Pig & Whistle Pub has been a NW Calgary landmark for a long time…22 years in fact.  For Calgary…that is impressive!  To survive in the non-descript, Beddington Towne Strip Mall in NW Calgary is even more impressive. Through the years it has been given a “rep” to say the least. Pretty wild nights at the Pig with large crowds drinking heavily…I myself can attest to some dysfunctional, drinking behavior there when I was in my 20’s…err…maybe 30 something…once or twice as well.  Now that I am a more subdued, selective and a mellow drinker, (who can no longer waste a weekend over a hangover!),  it is clear the Pig has evolved with me.

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Krank’s continues to Krank out top rock of the 70’s and 80’s…fun show for dancing!

The crowd is a little older than it used to be, and a whole lot kinder. There still is a mix from 20’s to 60’s, so still a colourful crowd, but finally a place where I do not feel like a fight is about to break out or that I am geriatric!

The best part about The Pig, (other than being 5 mins from my door), is that they have LIVE music and frankly that is all I even care about these days…oh and a wine list does not hurt either!  LOL!  The Pig delivers! Fortunately my super cool, amazing, guitar playing and guitar building husband is plugged in to the music scene, so he knows who is great and not so great in town for our taste.

Junk takes a break to have a shot with a Birthday Boy…these guys are all so talented and FUN! We love Junk!

The Pig delivers great local music and a dance floor. Excellent staff in this place, always has been…and great seating arrangement so just about every seat can see the stage area.  The menu is decent pub fare and pizzas…all made in house by Tony.  Lots to choose from with specials throughout the week.  If you want to dance, listen to great local talent and have some drinks in the NW, the Pig and Whistle Pub is for you.

Suckerpunch knocks it out at the Pig & Whistle!
Suckerpunch knocks it out at the Pig & Whistle!