Calgary’s Beautiful Bow Building


I LOVE Architecture!  I mean I LOVE buildings…all buildings from historical to modern…and boy does Calgary have some great ones!  I mean for such a young city, there are gorgeous buildings here…and World Class too!  One of Calgary’s most amazing buildings, is the Bow Building.  The 10th most expensive building ever built-in NORTH AMERICA is the Bow Building. It is a crescent-shaped monolithic glass masterpiece.  It dominates the Calgary skyline and boasts the price tag of 1 billion dollars!

Zeidler Partnership of Calgary world-renowned Foster & Partners from UK designed the Bow. Known for their curvy, rounded, organic glass buildings, the crescent shaped Bow fits in with their distinctive designs throughout the world.

The Bow boasts 58 Stories, 1,700,000 Square Feet and 49 Elevators!

I take a lot of pictures of this beauty…and every angle shows me something new. I hope you like some of these shots and get a chance to go downtown and take your own! The first tubular steel constructed building of this size used 48,000 tonnes of steel to complete the stunning Bow Building.


One of the greatest features of The Bow Building is the art installation of a giant girl’s head called Wonderland by Spain’s great artist Jaume Plesa.  The head greets you at the entrance side of the building and you can walk into the head entering from either side below the ear. Amazing photo ops!


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Jaume Plesa’s has featured other world-famous art installations like the Crown Fountain in Millenium Park in Chicago…which I had the pleasure of seeing on a business trip a few year’s ago…unfortunately my photos don’t show the projected faces spitting water from their mouth through fountain spouts…but an incredible sight in any case.

The Bow building looks different from every angle and creates a new modern vibe that carries on to the newly revitalized East Village project in Calgary.  New venues like the National Music Centre, The Hilton Hotel and multiple gorgeous residential high rise buildings in East Village has transformed a former run down part of the city. Incredible park revitalizations, art installations and a boardwalk on the Bow River have made the East Village a Calgary destination.  I love East Village and know I will be spending more and more time down there attending festivals and dining at my favorite roof top patio Restaurant in Calgary…Charbar, located in the old Simmons Building on the Bow River in East Village!

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No matter where you are in the city, The Bow dominates the skyline, and is now a symbol of the modern city Calgary has become.  A city that is a leader in the energy industry in Canada, a place of boom or bust depending on the value of our precious oil barrel.  A city that is the gateway to the great Canadian Rocky Mountains and some of the most pristine untouched wilderness on this planet.  Voted the cleanest city in the world, Calgary is cool…very, very cool.

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